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Branding again is an ancient form of marking the skin without in but in turn using a heated implement to burn a design into the skin. This was also another mean of ritual to some tribes marking again as mentioned in the scarification page as a rites of passage from child to man or woman hood, social stature, to mark criminals, as a form of making the body more desirable to male or female tribal members etc etc. Branding as it sounds is more often than not is though to be similar to branding cattle with a hot iron bent it a shape to create a design, and then struck to the skin to create a design.

Thankfully for us its not as barbaric as it first sounds, and for piece of mind if branding were to be performed as above on the human body it would result in a quite messy, quite uneven scar as the human body has curves and a flat shape doesn’t contour to the human form.┬áBranding as we know it is either strike branding, which is were various pieces of steel, depending on the design, are heat and then struck onto the skin, piece by piece to create an over all design.

The second method is by using a cautery device, which is a pen like implement used for certain surgeries, that has a small tip that heats allowing the artist to trace the design onto the skin similar to a tattoo artist does with their machine.
Although the latter is referred to by some as fine line branding the results  of both methods are the same and designs are quite limited to basic shapes and designs where scarification allows a lot more detail and much finer lines. This is because a brand usually heals and the lines will spread to around three times the size from when they were originally done, where as scarification scars and lines are much more contained.

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