One of Polymorphs specialties is large gauge piercings as well as stretching piercings.

This coincides with interest in the history and anthropology of piercing. Ear stretching and stretched or large gauge piercings have been a common link through many cultures.

We have many years of experience in safe and comfortable stretching techniques. We can start off a number of piercings at large gauges such as ear lobes, nipples, navel and labrets at 2 gauge-(6.5mm) or 0 gauge-(8.2mm) initially; the ear lobes up to two gauge are usually done by piercing and stretching with a needle and taper. Most other body parts are usually cut with a scalpel and stretched to 0 gauge-(8.2mm) with a taper initially.

Ear lobes can be also be cut in the same way and stretched to ½”- (12mm) which we call directional stretching. We also offer large gauge dermal punching if large gauge piercings are desired in the ear cartilage and nostrils .We carry a wide selection of plugs for large gauge piercings crafted from various materials.

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